Emily Parzybok is the Executive Director at Balance Our Tax Code. Parzybok has worked in Washington politics since her start on the landmark Initiative 594 campaign in 2014. Following the campaign, Parzybok helped to build the Alliance for Gun Responsibility and worked for a number of years on gun violence prevention before moving into the larger political space. She was the Outreach Director for Initiative 1491. Parzybok has worked on issues ranging from tax code reform to youth felony diversion. She led the historic Washington Voting Justice Coalition work that passed a slate of pro-democracy bills in Washington in 2018. She led the People for a Balanced Tax Code coalition as they built an educational campaign about Washington’s upside down tax code. She ran the Yes! Seattle Libraries campaign to renew Seattle’s library levy, which passed by a historic 76% in August of 2019. In 2020, she served as campaign manager for the Washington Domestic Worker Bill of Rights campaign, supervising legislation requested by the Governor and Attorney General. She recently ran the campaign for Engrossed Senate Joint Resolution 8212.

Parzybok specializes in community outreach, coalition building, policy development and campaign management.